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The mission of our training facility is to cultivate a select group of aspiring athletes and provide them with an unrivaled environment for growth, mentorship, and athletic mastery of basketball.

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Bucketology has innovative training methodologies, and top-tier basketball coaches who are dedicated to helping our athletes unlock their full potential. From honing fundamental skills to mastering advanced techniques we welcome every level of player.

Ball Handling


Enhance Your Game:
Elevate hand-eye coordination, master dribbling and passing, and boost your ball-handling confidence.

Shooting Technique

Shooting Technique

Embrace form fundamentals, receive meticulous feedback, and elevate your skills though correction and purposeful repetition.


Footwork & Plyometrics

Footwork is essential for all sports, while plyometrics can help you improve your performance when speed, power, and agility are required.

Shooting Machine

Shooting Machine & Vertimax

We offer members the use of shooting machines and advanced Vertimax equipment to take your game to the next level.

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Membership Benefits

With your Bucketology membership, you don't have to worry about reserved courts, double bookings, volleyball or pickleball. The perks of your membership are listed below.



Two small group training sessions per week. Shooting machine access. Invitations to open gym, camps and clinics.



Lessons are offered 5 days per week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Saturday & Sunday

5 to 1

5:1 Player to Coach Ratio

Group sessions will initially comprise 15 players and will then be subdivided into pods of 5, allowing for personalized feedback and instruction.

Private Training

Our coaches will provide detailed instructions and feedback to help players improve their technique and execution with individualized workouts. With detailed focus on developing players' skills-set, game IQ and overall understanding of the game.


1-on-1 Training

Our private training is tailored to individual needs and goals. We will assess strengths and weaknesses to create a training program that is designed to help improve players in all areas.

Our Partners

Featuring USA Gold Licensed Coaches, DR DISH Shooting and partnership with Hyperfuse Basketball.

Hyper Fuse


At Bucketology, we teach the game! We have set the bar higher than ever before. Our mission is to cultivate a select group of aspiring athletes and provide them with an unrivaled environment for growth, mentorship, and athletic mastery.

We firmly believe that greatness begins with focus, and that is why we have chosen to keep our community small and tightly knit, ensuring that each and every athlete receives personalized attention and the highest level of coaching expertise.

Step into a world of unparalleled exclusivity, where we only accept roughly 90 young talents, ranging from kindergarten to 10th-grade boys and girls. By limiting our members, we ensure that each athlete receives the attention and resources they deserve. Our intimate setting fosters camaraderie and healthy competition, igniting a spark of ambition that drives our athletes to new heights.

All training will be held at the Bucketology training facility. 5517 FM 1488 STE B, Magnolia, Texas, 77354. 

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